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All Aces Sonny Hess Band - “The CD of the Times”
This CD is mostly original music with a couple of cover tunes redone funky like. Sonny says this is her best life’s work to date. Some of her written lyrics directly reflect her life experiences. A collection of her band mates and Lisa Mann on some vocals, there are a cast of cancer survivors with their supporters and her recent tune titled “Got-ta win it”. A more positive view related to cancer. Some people won’t forget the tragedy that impeded Sonny’s life in 2006 as she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Her first chemo treatment was in Jan 07, she came home scared of how she was going to feel, got dragged to a movie, came home and her home was ablaze. With the help of family, friends, the Red Cross and a couple of news stories, she was able to put her life backing order. This battle caused her to produce a Live CD appropriately titled “Battle of the Bald”, most of her fellow musicians came down to that night to show their support, including the late Paul Delay, he always called her Lil sister. This CD is available at This new release “All Aces” is a definite credit to all, Sonny Hess and her band members; Drummer Kelly Pierce (cancer survivor), Bass man Jim Hively, Saxophone Kevin Labaron. 

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