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2nd Edgefield Lil Red Shed Kathryn Grimm & Lisa Mann 6pm 
​2nd Pride Plaza with Lady Kat 8-10pm
3rd Mac's in Eugene Womens Blues Show outside 630pm
4th Spinella's Gresham StrumBroads 3-5pm
5th Strum Guitars The StrumBroads 3pm
9th LeHappy Sandy w/Lisa Mann 530pm

11th StreetFest Blue Diamond 4 bands
Sonny's Birthday Bash

16th Pride Plaza with Ellen Whyte 730-10pm
17th Bennett Winery 5-7pm
18th Fido's 7pm
19th Mcmenamins Elk Temple Tacoma StrumBroads
24th Boise Music Program StrumBroads 
25th Ison House Baker City - StrumBroads
30th Pride Plaza with Leah Hinchcliff 730-10pm