Sonny Hess Band                                              Lady True Blue
     All Aces                                                  Soul Barin' Blues
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Polka Dot Music Pop up Series Downtown
11:30am-12:30pm - Pioneer Square
June 28

June 12th Fido's 7pm
June 18th Tigardville 
June 19th Edgefield
June 25th Vinyl Tap

2021 Water Front Blues Festival NW Women Rhythm & Blues 
​July 2nd Performance time Noon and 6pm
Sonny Hess produces two HOT shows!! Yes that’s right- Two Shows each with their own stellar lineups. The best female talent in the NW!
Noon Show features - Nayibe Rojas, Sonny Hess, Rae Gordon, Myrtle Brown, Ward Griffiths, Kathryn Grimm and Leah Hinchcliff.
6pm Show features -Lady Kat (True Blue), Lisa Mann, Joanne Broh and Kelly Pierce join Sonny, Kathryn and Rae Gordon will surely be the highlight of the evening.