Sonny Hess Band                                              Lady True Blue
     All Aces                                                  Soul Barin' Blues
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3rd Tigardville - Sonny Hess band
4th The Garages - Sonny Hess band
8th 64 Tap House - Hood River w/Kathryn Grimm
9th Edgefield 7pm Duo w/ Lisa Mann
11th Boons Treasury - Salem - Sonny Hess Trio
17th Vinyl Tap Bar & Grill Oak Grove Sonny Hess Band
18th Hotel Oregon Duo 7pm
22nd Grand Lodge 7pm duo w/Lisa Mann
23rd Harbor Lodge - 7pm Strum Broads
24th CI Bar Tualatin- Lady True Blue & Sonny Hess Band
31st Rock Creek Sonny Hess Trio

1ST "THAT'S NASTY" The Blue Diamond 
Two shows 6pm & 9pm tickets
celebrating Lisa Mann's Birthday
​6th Kennedy School 7pm Sonny Hess Band w/Lady True Blue
​8th The Blue Diamond - Lady Kat Sonny Hess Band 9pm
13th Edgefield Winery Duo 7-9pm
14th Valentine Day Special "Sista's Love Serenade" 
@ The Blue Diamond Starts w/LaRhonda Steel at 8pm builds with Myrtle Brown & Lady True Blue - Dinner tickets @
15th Hotel Oregon 7-10pm duo w/Kelly Pierce
21st Vinyl Tap Bar & Grill 8pm Sonny Hess Band w/Lady True Blue
22nd Spinellas - Gresham Duo w/Kathryn Grimm
26th Grand Lodge 7-9pm Duo
28th Rock Creek 8pm Sonn Hess trio

6th Blue Diamond Bar & Grill Sonny Hess Band w/Lady True Blue 9pm
12th Edgefield Winery 7pm Duo
13th CI Bar Sonny Hess Band w/ Lady True Blue
14th Boons Treasury 8pm Sonny Hess Trio
17th St Pat's Day Old Church 7:45-10pm Sonny Hess Band
18th Harbor Lodge 7pm Duo w/ Kathryn Grimm
20th Vinyl Tap Bar & Grill 8pm Sonny Hess Band 
21st Hotel Oregn 7pm Duo w/Kelly Pierce
25th Grand Lodge 7-9pm Duo
27th Rock Creek 8pm Sonny Hess Trio
28th Tigardville Station Sonny Hess Band w/Lady True Blue