Sonny Hess Band                                              Lady True Blue
     All Aces                                                  Soul Bearin' Blues
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17th Barberry 6-9pm Sonny Hess Duo w/Jim Hively
19th Catfish Lou's Sonny Hess Band w/Lady True Blue 
20th The Ship 8pm Sonny Hess Band
24th Grand Lodge w/ Lisa Mann 7pm
26th Rock Creek 8pm Sonny Hess Trio
27th Hotel Oregon 7pm Duo w/ Kelly Pierce

1st Hood River Tap Room w/Lisa Mann 7pm
2nd Rock N Roll Chili Pit 9pm Sonny Hess Trio
7th Barberry 6pm Duo w/Kathryn Grimm
9th Vinyl Tap Bar & Grill Sonny Hess w/Lady True Blue
10th Boons Treasury 8pm Sonny Hess Trio
14th Edgefield Winery 7pm Duo w/Lisa Mann
17th Hotel Oregon 7pm Duo w/ Kelly Pierce
23rd Grand Lodge Outside Band w/Lady True Blue
24th Paradise Harley noon Sonny Hess Trio
29th Downtown Dog 6pm
30th Mac's Place - Silverton - 9pm
Claudette King & Lady True Blue

1st Waterfront Blues Festival noon
on the main stage - Lady True Blue = CD Release

1st Waterfront Blues Festival - Blues Cruise
NW Women Rhythm & Blues
Claudette King - The Queen of the Bluz
Lady True Blue