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  3rd Garages - Smokin True Blue Sonny Hess & Lady Kat-730p
                        double bill with Johnny Wheels 
  4th Spinellas - Gresham Strum Broads-Sonny & Kathryn 8pm
  5th Ukraine fundraiser- Gresham Elks Sonny Hess & Lisa Mann 4p
  9th McMenamins Edgefield Winery 7pm Duo w/Kelly Pierce

  June 11th STREETFEST Diamond in the Back​ 
                Smokin' True Blue - Lady Kat & Sonny Hess 6p

  17th Grand Lodge McMenamins Forest Grove Sonny Hess Trio 
        6pm Outside all ages
  18th Al's Den McMenamins-Crystal Hotel sonny Hess Trio 7p
  19th Bucket Brigade  Smokin True Blue 7p
  20th Pioneer Square Noon StrumBroads 
  23rd Methven Vineyards 5p Sonny Hess Trio
  24th Hotel Oregon 730p Duo w/Kelly Pierce
  26th Anderson School McMenamins Bothell - Strum Broads
        outside 5-8p, all ages
  30th Le Happy- Sandy, OR W/Lisa Mann 6p

  1st After Blues Fest Pro Blues Jam - Blue Diamond 9pm

                  2nd Waterfont Blues Fest Sail on Sister Cruise 
                            NW Women Rhythm & Blues 2-5p
                            Tickets @

                         2nd Waterfront Blues Fest - StrumBroads
                                           Crossroads Stage 7p

  3rd Saffron Vineyards, Yamhill- July Celebration
        Smokin True Blue -Lady Kat & Sonny Hess 6p

  9th Fido's, Sonny Hess Trio
  14th McMenamins Edgefield Winery 7pm Duo w/Kelly Pierce 
  15th Grand Lodge McMenamins Forest Grove- Sonny Hess Trio 6-8p outside all ages
  16th Mac's Eugene Sonny Hess, Joanne Broh, Lisa Mann, Claudia Paige
  17th Confluence Winery 5p Sonny Hess Trio
  22nd McMenamins Hotel Oregon 730p Duo w/ Kelly Pierce
  23rd McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse 19th Annual Brewfest- Smokin True Blue
  29th Front Street Provisioner 7-10pm 
          NW Women Blues w/Joanne Broh, Kathryn Grimm, Claudia Paige and Sonny Hess
  30th Bluebox Seafood company 6pm  Winchester bay
          NW Women Blues w/Joanne Broh, Kathryn Grimm, Claudia Paige and Sonny Hess