Sonny Hess Band                                              Lady True Blue
     All Aces                                                  Soul Barin' Blues
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8th Blue Moon McMinnville - Sonny Hess Trio 7pm
9th The Nasty Show Mac's in Eugene 
14th Edgefield Winery  7pm Duo w/Lisa Mann
16th Hotel Oregon 7pm Duo w/Kelly Pierce
22nd Vinyl Tap Bar & Grill  Sonny Hess & Lady Kat 8pm
27th Grand Lodge 7pm Duo w/Lisa Mann
29th Rock Creek 8pm Sonny Hess Trio
30th Northwood- Battleground Strum Broads 
4th NW Women R&B Christmas show Blue Diamond 7pm
7th Marks on the Channel Strum Broads 
8th Nw Women R&B 2nd Christmas show 5:30pm
11th Redwood City Womens Blues Show
12th Half Moon Bay Womens Blues Show
14th Private Party
20th Vinyl Tap Bar & Grill Sonny Hess & Lady Kat
21st Hotel Oregon 7pm Duo w/Kelly Pierce
25th Grand Lodge 7pm Duo w/ Lisa Mann
27th Rock creek 8pm Sonny Hess Trio
28th Mac's Place Silverton 9pm Sonny Hess band
31st New Years Eve Edgfield